Decent DE1PRO incl. Catering refill kit

Commercial Use
We've upgraded the internal components so that you can make thousands of shots, with rock solid consistency and reliability.

Water Mains Plumbable
Optionally connect directly to a pressurized water supply with the Plumbing Kit.

Water tank plumbable
Optionally connect directly to a non-pressurized water tank with the Catering Kit.

Draining drip tray
Optionally plumb your drip tray with our Drain Kit.

Long Life
Our 'Professional use' models are rated to 200,000 shots, whereas our DE1+ model is rated to 10,000 shots.

Dual personality
Can be used both plumbed in or stand-alone. The Refill kit is available at a low bundled cost.


Front panel
Made from brushed steel, with a mirrored lip. You can watch your espresso pouring while standing. When using a bottomless portafilter, this lets you easily assess the quality of your espresso shot.

portafilter funnel

Brand: Unknown / Not Listed
Condition: New: Shop Spoiled

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20 days ago

Hello, would you be able to contact me at I would need more information about this machine. Is it new?


14 days ago

Hi Bertrand, I have send you an email did you get it?

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