2 Group opera

Two group Opera for sale.

Was bought is 2017 and used on bar up until July 2020.

Could do with a service and we’re selling it as is.

Brand: Sanremo
Condition: Used: Requires Servicing

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29 days ago

hello Katelyn,

What year was the machine made please?

And what coffee shop was this installed?

Best regards,



29 days ago

Hey, was bought brand new in 2017 and installed in 127 at Eden Locke in Edinburgh


29 days ago

Thanks for the quick reply!

Is it the Opera 2.0?

You mentioned " could do with a service" is it working fine?


29 days ago

I don’t think so but I’d have to check.

Was serviced last September and the left steam wand is a bit leaky every so often. Was pulling coffee fine when we used it in July!


25 days ago

Hi Katelyn

Can i please have some more photos on my email at tha_nasios@hotmail.com. Can you please include a photo of the machine label that mentions the manufactured date?

Also can you ship it?

Many thanks


6 days ago


It's not an Opera 2.0.

Nas- I'll email you today.


4 days ago

Can uoubsent me an email on r-vanoosterzee@kpnmail.nl

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