6 KG Coffee Roaster

  • Proportional flame level for every coffee roasting profile
  • Renovated inside blade design to hold beans in the center of the drum (minimizing contact beans to drum wall)
  • Homogeneous heat distribution with %55 emptiness drum volume
  • Increased air permeability
  • Seperated engines for every roasting phase(simultaneously roasting and cooling)
  • Increased heat insulation (Heated air efficiency)
  • Cast iron drum cover to prevent hot spots
  • Fully demountable cooling tray ( Easy maintenance and cleaning)
  • Adjustable drum RPM
  • Adjustable agitator RPM
  • Adjustable blower RPM(air circulation)
  • Renovated roasted coffee cooling system
  • Cyclone for better suction and chaff collection

Additionally these are standard features of new coffee roasters.

-In case of any varience of gas pressure; automatically shutting off the gas.
-In case of any emergency; shutting of the all system by one buton
-Digital temperature control and heat indicator.
-Due to peep hole; roasted coffee beans can be controlled by inspection.
-Roasted coffee beans can be checked thanks to sample taker spoon.
-Cooler tray: cooling by powerful fan and rotating system in chamber.
-Audio alarm system is automatically activated when temperature reachs to adjusted level.
-Gas breaker system leads to safety and cost saving
-Advance heat insulation helps with energy conservation
-Easy to operate and quite running engines

Brand: Unknown / Not Listed
Condition: New: Brand New

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5 days ago

does it feature repeatable profiling?

Kuban Roasters

5 days ago

Hello Dear Robert;

Of course; we also offer optional profile software controlled by touchscreen PLC controller to eleminate need for third party softwares.

You can also use these softwares as well.

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