The Official Espresso Machine of the World Barista Championships

The Nuova Simonelli Aurelia II Semi-Automatic 2 group is "The Official Espresso Machine of the World Barista Championships" and is the first espresso machine to be ergonomically certified!

**Key Features*********************

  • Manual Dosing Buttons:

begin and end the entirety of the brew process, customers an Instagram worthy drink customized any way they want.

  • Raised Group Heads

Cafes with multiple drink sizes benefit from raised group heads that can fit tall cups right underneath. Pull espresso shots directly into tall cups and save time on transferring them from shot glasses.

  • 2 group Copper Heat Exchange Boiler

Energy-efficient and temperature-stable; brew and steam at the same time for nonstop espresso during the busiest hours.

  • Soft Infusion

Ensures that every espresso is as good as the last. Prevents tamping mistakes from affecting the espresso and draws out all the subtle flavors of the coffee for a tastier result.

Cool Touch Wands

unlike steam wands, These stay cool to the touch and deter milk from caking on, making cleaning easier.

  • Push Pull Steam

Give your baristas’ wrists a break with the ergonomic push-pull steam levers. Instead of twisting a traditional steam valve, baristas need only tap a lever on and off to manipulate the steam power.

  • Surface LEDs

Providing greater visibility, the LED lights on the Aurelia II Semiautomatic illuminate the work area even in dimly lit conditions. This assists quality control for detailed work like latte art and espresso extraction.

  • Automated Cleanings

The end of the day is when the time-consuming espresso machine cleaning starts—unless you have access to automated cleaning processes. The Aurelia II Semiautomatic performs self-cleaning functions to let staff focus on other tasks and expedite shop closing.

This item is offered for purchase "as-is", and in working condition. Available for pick up in the City of Upland, CA. immediately upon receipt of payment.

Brand: Nuova Simonelli
Condition: New: Shop Spoiled

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