Sanremo Zoe SED Coffee Machine Italian

The Zoe is a colourful customisable coffee machine, attractive modern design exceptional value and innovative frame shaping an eye-catching exterior.

Twin SR Rapid steam wands

Having two powerful well designed and easy to operate steam wands is vital when preparing milk for a good Flat White, Cappuccino or Latte, which form around 80% of UK coffees served. The unique Sanremo steam tip design makes it as easy as possible to prepare the fine moussed milk for latte art. And with big boiler sizes, there is always oodles of steam available for your busiest service periods.

Engineered for good tasting coffee

While the configuration of the single boiler Zoe system is broadly similar to many other coffee machines, experienced coffee makers quickly realise that the Zoe seems to make more consistent, better tasting coffee. The reason for this is the detail in the thermal engineering. A bit like how many cars have a 4-cylinder 2L engine, but some sound better, produce more power and work more efficiently than others. This is the Zoe system. “It is nicely finished, is lovely to work on, and makes consistently well extracted espresso as a base for your great tasting coffee menu.”


A pre-infusion on each shot, wets the coffee before the main extraction, allowing the puck to soak and swell evenly, so the water passes through it, evenly and without what is known as channelling, where a weak point in the puck caused by uneven wetting, means the water channels through one section resulting in a weak but bitter coffee. Again, helping you make great tasting coffee more easily.

Easy correct cleaning

An automatic back flush programme allows you to clean both the group heads in a pre-set programme, doing other things while the machine does the work. This cleaning known as ‘back flushing’ removes any ‘stale’, ‘bitter’ coffee residues that otherwise accumulate in the group heads. We let technology help your team do a perfect job.

Machine only used once. Shipping cost TBC on destination.

Brand: Sanremo
Condition: New: Brand New

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