San Remo Opera - 3 Group

San Remo Opera 3-Group, 2016, being sold as we have aligned ourselves with a different brand that we have begun to distribute.

We have had this machine sent back to Italy to have it retrofitted to V2 standards although the gravimetric functions will need some additional work on the scales to get this modification working properly. It currently serves as a very stable volumetric espresso machine.

  • Pre & Post Infusion Capabilities
  • Tablet for Dialling In and Machine Adjustments
  • Automatic Backflush and Group Flushing Buttons
  • 6 Dial-In Options Per Group, useful for different espresso/decaf.
  • Automatic Shot Timers
  • 2 x 360 Degree Ball Joint, Cool Touch Steam Taps

With some work on the custom Acaia Lunar Scales they can start and stop shots. I believe the issue appears to be the charging ports that require replacement, although one scale may need formatted still to link to the group - something San Remo UK should be able to advise on. The scales, when working, talks to the Opera using Bluetooth and have auto correction to improve the yield as it works.

The sale comes with 3 x Portafilters and External Pump. It doesn't include the usual glass panel which we removed to make it more unique. This may give an opportunity for customisation at the buyers discretion; you can see that we have kept it simple with our logo which looks striking against the all black machine.

The machine is being sold as seen and we welcome any customers to view it prior to purchase at our shop roastery in Edinburgh, Scotland. We will provide a basic service prior to sending.

Brand: Sanremo
Condition: Used: Requires Servicing

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Hello, could you texte me at this email if it’s still available:

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